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Cold Water VS Warm Water: Which is the Best for Face Washing?

To keep the skin clean, your face must be cleaned regularly. In addition to the choice of cleaning products that suit skin conditions, the temperature of the water to wash the face also needs to be considered the effect on the skin. Then, between cold water and warm water, which is better for washing your face?

Wash your face with warm water or cold water?

Every day, the skin is exposed to various bacteria, dirt, sweat, and pollutants. If it is not cleaned properly, the skin can be problematic. Starting from the blockage of the pores that cause acne, skin irritation, to accelerate aging.

That is the reason you need to clean your face regularly. Cleaning products can effectively remove dirt and sebum (oil) from the skin. However, the wrong cleanser can disrupt the outer layer of skin.

In addition to the choice of cleaning products, the water temperature for rinsing must also be considered. Because the temperature of the water can affect skin conditions. Then, which is the best, wash your face with warm water or cold water?

"Cold water is very good for the skin," said Kay Greveson, a health and beauty practitioner at Regents Park Aesthetics, as quoted from the Women 's Health Magazine page.

Exposure to cold water on the skin can improve blood circulation, so as to make the skin more radiant. In addition, cold water also helps constrict capillaries to eliminate redness due to inflammation.

Dr. Michael Barnish, aesthetic doctor at Dr. The Jonquille Chantrey Clinic, also added, "Cold water can lock the core temperature, shrink pores, and help improve the texture and appearance of the skin."

Meanwhile, washing your face with warm water also has its own benefits. Washing your face with warm water can facilitate blood circulation in the face. This allows blood and nutrients to be channeled properly to all skin cells and keeps the skin healthy.

In addition, exposure to warm water also relaxes the muscles around the face and helps widen the pores of the skin making it easier to clean.

So which is better?

Both provide benefits for your skin. However, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing your face with warm water.

The benefits of cold water mentioned earlier will be more effective if you do it for 15 seconds by running cold water to the face.

Sometimes, exposure to cold water at that time sometimes causes skin numbness even though it feels fresh.

Cold water may be more suitable for washing your face when you are drowsy. The cold sensation of water can make your face and eyes fresher.

Most importantly, you must avoid hot water to wash your face. Hot water can remove fat (keratin) which functions to hold water. As a result, keratin will be damaged and fail to lock moisture in the outermost layer of skin and cause dry skin.

Tips to wash your face properly

Now, you know that washing your face with warm water is considered better. Even so, you still have to clean your face in the right way too.

Some steps to wash your face properly, in addition to warm water, include:

  • Choose facial cleansers that don't contain alcohol. Alcohol makes skin dry.
  • Wet your face with warm water while gently massage your face.
  • Use facial cleansers to taste, about the size of peas if they are solid.
  • First scrub the cleanser with the palm of your hand then rub it on your face.
  • Don't rub it, massage it gently and slowly.
  • Rinse again with warm water, then dry the skin of the face by patting a soft towel.
  • Continue by applying a moisturizer so that the skin does not dry out.

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