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4 Sex Positions When Pregnant is Safe, Comfortable and Exciting

Many people think that having sex during pregnancy can endanger the womb. But the fact is not the case. Pregnant sex is generally safe and you can just make love to your partner whenever you want, provided the doctor has given the green light. Well, recommendations for variations in sex positions during pregnancy may help make the night both of you more intimate and passionate.

Safe sex position during pregnancy

Here are some safe sex positions throughout pregnancy, but it is still exciting to be enjoyed by both partners.

1. Missionary

Making love while on your back (missionary) is safest for pregnant women in the first trimester because the stomach is not so enlarged.

But over time, this sex position is no longer recommended to try during the second trimester of pregnancy until the next. When lying on your back, the enlarged uterus will suppress the main blood vessels in the body and reduce blood flow to the baby.

Apart from being dangerous for the fetus, this sex position can make a mother dizzy and out of breath because of holding her weight.

2. Position to sit hugging

Sex positions that are generally safe for the mother during pregnancy at any age are woman on top. The way you sit is sitting on a male partner while staring, can be on a chair, sofa, or head of a bed.

With this position, you can more freely adjust the depth and speed of pair penetration. In addition, this position can also increase intimacy with both of you looking at each other's faces closer to each other.

In order for you not to fall or lose control of the body, hug the man or hold tight to his shoulder.

3. Doggy style

Not only have to look at each other. You and your partner also still feel intimate when backing their partner on all fours, aka doggy style. This sex position in fact is also safe to do when pregnant.

Position your body like crawling with resting on both knees and elbows, while men penetrate from behind. This position will allow men to penetrate deeper. So that pregnant women remain safe, men must adjust the penetration rhythm to be as relaxed as possible

4. Spooning

When having sex during pregnancy, make sure you choose a position that does not put excessive pressure on the stomach. Well, the spooning position is the best choice.

This position is carried out by women who lie sideways with their backs to their partners. This position is not only safe and comfortable, but also to increase intimacy because you and your partner can continue to hug each other.

So, don't make your pregnant stomach an obstacle to making love with your partner, huh! As long as it's smart to choose a position to make love, you can enjoy sex while pregnant safely and comfortably

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