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Why Can You Dream of Someone Who Never Thought?

Many people assume that dreams are part of a hunch or a hint. Not surprisingly, not a few of them are trying to find out the meaning of their dreams through occult websites. Especially if those who come in dreams are famous people like the president or favorite artist that we have never even met, or maybe the crush that we have been chasing. Scientifically, why can someone dream of others?

Why can you dream of someone?

Most people have experienced dreams. Dreams can just come unplanned, so do the people involved. It has become a very common thing for someone to dream of someone else in his dream, whether it is well-known or only just like that.

According to Vocata George, Ph.D, a Jungian Analyst at the C.G. Jung Education Center of Cleveland, dreams are symbolic, not real.

That is, there is not always a link between what you dream of reality. Occasionally it may be, but there is not enough evidence to suggest that dreams can predict future events.

Although there is no definitive proof, dreams of someone often appear based on your experience. Be it activities, conversations, memories, and problems with certain people.

Clinical Psychologist in the United States, Dr. John Mayer, stated that it does not mean when someone dreams of his ex-boyfriend it means he still loves. This might appear randomly without any trigger.

But certainly, dreaming of someone can make you learn more about certain feelings and values. This is because everything in a dream often has specific meaning and relevance for each person.

Sometimes dreaming of someone serves as a reminder of an unresolved problem, whether with that person or someone else.

The subconscious often helps to find things about yourself that are buried long ago to be reappeared through dreaming of someone. But not infrequently, dreams are just a flower bed that you don't even remember when you wake up.

Categories of people who enter dreams, according to research

In a study published in the Sleep Research Journal, found facts about people who are usually present in dreams. Although not a sure thing, there are some groups that often appear when you dream of someone.

Research involving 320 adult dream reports found evidence that:

  • About 48 percent of characters that appear have a name known to the dreamer
  • About 35 percent of characters appear because of their social roles such as certain professions or have something to do with the dreamer like a boyfriend or ex
  • About 16 percent are unknown

When dreaming of someone, the characters that enter into a dream are divided into:

  • About 32 percent enter dreams based on their appearance
  • About 21 percent go into behavior-based dreams
  • About 45 percent go into dreams because they have interacted directly
  • About 44 percent are people who only know

Meanwhile, other studies investigate the relationship between emotion and character that appears. Usually the emotion of love and excitement arises when dreaming of someone who is known.

However, there is no definite reference and relationship in dreaming of someone. Including about who will appear in someone's dream and what is the connection with yourself.

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