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When is the Right Time to Take Worm Medication?

Worms are one of the common diseases that often attack Indonesian people. Not only attacks children, intestinal worms can also infect adults. One of the best ways to prevent and treat this disease is to take worm medicine. However, when is the right time to take worm medicine? Come on, find out the answer here.

The right time to take worm medicine

The right time to take worm medicine is immediately after symptoms of intestinal worms appear.

Symptoms of worms themselves actually depend on the type of worm that infects the body. If you often feel itching in the anus, especially at night, you may be infected with pinworms.

If this is the case, you can immediately take worm medicine to inhibit the growth of an increasing number of pinworms. Not only that, you are also recommended to take worm medicine when you find worms in the stool. Especially if you have often experienced abdominal pain and a drastic decrease in appetite.

Because if not treated immediately, intestinal worms can cause further complications, such as intestinal blockages and problems absorption of nutrients in the body. So, you don't need to wait healthy beforehand to take worm medicine.

Do you need to take worm medicine regularly?

As an effort to prevent you from getting infected with this disease, the right time to take worm medicine is every 6 months. However, this recommendation is generally given to people who are at high risk of experiencing intestinal worms.

Some people who are recommended to take worm medicine regularly at least every 6 months are:

  • People living in slums whose sanitation and personal hygiene facilities are inadequate
  • People who work in places prone to worms, for example, construction workers, soil diggers, or farmers and farmers who work with or are exposed to animals
  • People living in worm endemic places
  • Often eat raw food or perfect immature

There may be several other conditions not mentioned above. To determine whether you are a person who is recommended to routinely take worm medicine or not, you can consult a doctor. Doctor will probably see your health condition and your overall history.

Quiet. Worm medicine include a single dose so that it will not cause severe side effects after taking medication even if your body is not being worms.

Choice of medicine to treat intestinal worms

There are some types of worm medicine that are sold freely in drug stores, and some must use a doctor's prescription. The following are some references to worm medicine that you can consume:

  • Albendazole. This drug works to overcome infections caused by worms, such as hookworms, tapeworms, whip worms, roundworms, and pinworms. Albedazole is only available by prescription from a doctor. That is why before taking this medicine you consult a doctor first to avoid side effects and medication dosage errors.
  • Mebendazole. This drug works by paralyzing and killing worms that infect the digestive tract. This drug prevents worms from absorbing sugar which is the source of their food.
  • Pirantel pamoat. This drug causes the worms in the body to become paralyzed so that it will be easier to get out together with feces. Pirantel pamoat can be purchased at drug stores or the nearest pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. However, make sure you keep reading how to use the medication printed on the packaging label to avoid overdosing.

It is important for you to understand that this drug cannot eradicate worm eggs in the body. Well, to prevent recurrence of infection, you are recommended to apply a hygienic lifestyle so that the worm eggs do not multiply. The method can be started by diligently washing hands before eating and after urinating / large

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