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Stomach Is Even Pain After Defecation, What Is The Cause?

Defecation (BAB) should make the stomach feel relieved. However, the stomach sometimes still feels heartburn and pain some time after bowel movements. You may not need to worry if this condition only occurs occasionally and is mild. However, what if you often experience it?

What causes stomach pain after bowel movements?

The stomach consists of various organs and channels involved in the digestive system. The pain you experience is a very common symptom. Further examination is needed to ascertain the cause.

If you often feel stomach pain after bowel movements, try to remember other symptoms of what you feel.

1. Stomach ache for a long time

Mild abdominal pain or appearing in a short time usually will disappear by itself without causing danger.

The type of abdominal pain you need to be aware of is that suddenly appears with severe intensity in a particular area.

Pain in the lower abdomen can indicate a problem with the intestine. Pain in the upper abdomen can be a symptom of liver and bile disorders.

While pain in the middle of the stomach can arise due to disease in the stomach.

2. Abdominal pain accompanied by bloating

Gases form naturally in the intestine and digestive tract. Excess gas production or accumulating gas can make the stomach feel depressed, bloated, full, or painful after bowel movements.

Stomach ache due to gas has symptoms, such as:

  • The pain disappears every few minutes
  • Feels something moving in the stomach
  • Stomach looks bloated
  • Swallow or throw away the wind
  • You have diarrhea or constipation

3. Diarrhea or vomiting

Sudden abdominal pain after bowel movements with diarrhea can be a symptom of vomiting (gastroenteritis).

This disease is caused by an infection of bacteria or viruses in the digestive tract due to eating contaminated food.

Muntaber usually disappears after a few days, but symptoms can still appear during recovery.

You are also at risk of experiencing dehydration due to diarrhea repeatedly. Prevent by eating soft foods and adequate fluids until symptoms improve.

4. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

The pain that appears on the stomach after bowel movements can be a sign that you have IBS, though not always. Other symptoms that accompany IBS include:

  • Cramps, usually in the lower part of the stomach
  • The feeling of heartburn that appears quickly, often accompanied by diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Cannot eat certain types of food
  • Stomach often bloated
  • Fatigue and difficulty sleeping

IBS cannot be cured quickly, but you can overcome the symptoms in several ways. For example, changing diet and lifestyle, taking drugs, or therapy.

5. The abdominal muscles are tense

The abdominal muscles are connected with various other muscles in the body. When the muscles around the abdomen experience pain, spasms, or minor trauma, the abdominal muscles can also be affected.

One of the effects you feel is stomach pain after bowel movements.

Pain due to a tight abdominal muscle can be reduced by gentle massage and rest. You can also use warm or cold compresses.

Check with your doctor if the pain you feel is caused by tension muscles does not diminish after a few days.

How do I know if this is a normal stomachache?

Pain in parts of the body generally indicates a health problem, as well as a painful stomach after bowel movements. Distinguish naturally occurring heartburn with abdominal pain that indicates disease.

The feeling of natural heartburn generally only occurs occasionally in a day and will disappear once you have finished defecating. Meanwhile, abdominal pain signs of disease can appear repeatedly along with other symptoms, including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and so on.

Don't ignore the symptoms you experience, because health problems in the digestive system are often difficult to detect.

More serious diseases such as IBS can even get worse because the sufferer is late in recognizing symptoms

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