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Is Submitting Feelings To Other People Also Saying Cheating?

Cheating in the present is not only in the form of love one night. Not infrequently there are some people who cheat using feelings, aka brought to the heart. But, can this double heart be categorized as cheating too? To review more fully, try referring to the discussion about cheating below.

What includes cheating using feeling?

When you are in a relationship, the fact is that attraction remains a natural human instinct that will remain there anytime and inevitably. This is because when we see other people, the brain will begin processing the visual information that we see and make instant judgments based on one's attractiveness.

But if you cross certain limits, have feelings or have special thoughts on other people outside of your relationship, it could be said cheating. This is also explained by Gail Saltz, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell School of Medicine. Reporting from WebMD, cheating using feelings in general can continue at a level that is "higher" again, namely cheating physically (which includes sexual relations).

There are many factors that underlie why you can cheat using feelings. Usually, cheating is triggered by deficiencies and dissatisfaction from your partner and the problem of closeness between you and cheating. For example, you and your affair often meet face to face everyday so that you feel a sense of closeness with each other.

What's the difference between cheating on your heart and cheating in general?

Then what is the difference between cheating through feeling with physical cheating? Well, physical infidelity is more real. For example, there are sexual acts or involved in other erotic things between you and cheating. Physical cheating also does not have to have feelings of affection or love for each other. For example, going "snacking" out to have sex with a prostitute was already counted as a physical affair.

While this affair through feelings tends to be invisible. You must observe their characteristics through the behavior, attitudes, movements, or feelings of each. In fact, sometimes the seeds of feeling between people who are having an affair are much denied by those who experience it.

What are the signs of cheating on you?

In addition to the attraction of each other with affair, often having an affair with feelings creates a feeling of comfort, feeling desirable, and an "unofficial" attachment between you and others. But for more details, see what is the benchmark of determining the affection of an affair, according to Saltz:

  • You spend a lot of time thinking, fantasizing, and dreaming about the third person. You like to imagine being fast with that person. Can also fantasize or dream of having sex with an affair
  • You tell things like your dreams and hopes on an affair that even the official partner doesn't even know
  • You intentionally dress up or dress neatly, to attract the attention of certain people
  • You deliberately make and spend time with the affair
  • You really care about cheating
  • You tell something confidential to an affair, but you never say it to an authentic partner. Usually it is a complaint or other personal problem

What are the risks of cheating people using feelings?

It's clear, if cheating on using this feeling can anchor on the brink of broken relationships. For people who are still dating, cheating double hearted can cause a runny relationship. Especially if your relationship and your official partner are at the wedding stage. You can risk and hurt your spouse or family, which may lead to divorce. Not infrequently, you can be considered a traitor to someone who is hurt.

How do you finish this double heart?

First, there must be an awareness of yourself if the feelings and actions you take on other people outside the relationship are wrong. If you already understand the risks and consequences that will be accepted, it's good to try to end this immediately.

Do not even indulge and further cultivate this feeling. Being close to other people outside of your relationship is okay. But remember, you can only do within reasonable limits. For example, the problem of being close to confiding in the opposite sex can trigger this affair, you can switch to venturing with friends or relatives. Whereas if you really often meet other people, avoid traveling alone with him. Moreover, if you or one of you is bound by an official relationship.

However, not infrequently also many who managed to get out of this emotional affair. They succeed in defeating self ego. If you don't feel like it

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