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Is it true that people with Crohn's disease are at risk of getting prostate cancer?

Did you know, besides having the chance of getting colon cancer, people with Crohn's disease are also at risk of developing prostate cancer. This is proven through a study from Northwestern Medicine in Illnois. They found that there was a risk of prostate cancer in patients with Crohn's disease.

Why can Crohn's disease cause prostate cancer?

According to the CDC, or equivalent to the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health, Crohn's disease can affect your digestive organs.

This turned out to have an impact on the abnormal response produced by the human immune system. Therefore, it is very likely that Crohn can cause cancer cells, such as prostate or colon cancer.

The study, which lasted for 20 years (1996-2017), invited around 10,000 men to see if there was a connection between Crohn's disease and prostate cancer.

Among these men, there were 1,033 people who developed inflammatory bowel disease, namely Crohn and ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the digestive tract). They also studied for 18 years.

During the study it was seen that the Prostate-Specific Antigent (PSA) level in patients with Crohn was higher. PSA is a protein produced by the prostate gland.

High PSA levels can be one of the things that can increase the potential for prostate cancer. That is why, people with Crohn's disease are said to be at risk for prostate cancer.

Even so, it is not yet known what causes high PSA levels in patients with Crohn's disease. Until now, researchers still need to do several studies to find out the reason behind high PSA in Crohn sufferers.

Factor of increasing PSA

People with Crohn's disease do tend to have high PSA levels, so often associated with prostate cancer cases.

High PSA levels can indeed be one indicator of prostate cancer, including those with Crohn's disease. However, that does not mean high PSA is definitely a sign of prostate cancer.

There are several other factors that are the cause of high PSA levels in a person, including:

  • Age. Increasing age also affects the growth of prostate tissue and prostate enlargement. This can increase PSA levels.
  • Have had surgery. Especially surgery on the prostate gland, catheter placement in the bladder, and prostate examination with a biopsy procedure.
  • Prostate injuries caused by falls, accidents, or collisions can also increase PSA levels in your prostate.
  • The side effects of ejaculation also cause increased levels of PSA. Although other research is still needed, there is a study that has proven another effect of ejaculation on your prostate.

Reducing PSA levels to reduce the risk of prostate cancer

PSA levels in normal men are 40-50. If more than that, the risk of prostate cancer will also increase.

Because people with Crohn's disease have a greater risk of prostate cancer than those who don't, someone needs to maintain their PSA levels.

Here are some ways to reduce your PSA levels.

  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, and nuts. All three are believed to inhibit the growth of DHT naturally.
  • Eating pomegranates can also reduce the level of your PSA. This has been proven through research from John Hopkins to patients with prostate cancer.
  • More exercise. Regular physical activity can help you reduce PSA levels in the body.
  • Lose weight. Excess weight is often associated with prostate cancer, prostatitis, and prostate swelling. Therefore, maintaining body weight is one of the keys to reducing PSA levels.

In conclusion, Crohn's disease patients are more at risk of prostate cancer compared to those who don't.

This was proven through research that showed that there was an increase in PSA levels in patients with Crohn's disease. Therefore, it would be nice if you regularly see a doctor when suffering from Crohn and stay away from the trigger

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