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How To Intermediate Parents Who Are Not Accurate with Your Partner

Not all parents feel directly matched and like their life partner. Sometimes there are many factors that make parents have their own reasons why they don't like your partner even though they are married. Being in this condition is indeed confusing, because both partners and parents are the same important people in your life. However, try to mediate between partners who don't get along with parents in the following ways.

How to mediate between parents who don't get along with a partner

To mediate between parents who never get along and often argue with partners, try:

1. Ask the exact reason

Parents must have special reasons why they don't like their children. If you have never heard the exact reason, try asking immediately.

You need to know why parents can't be nice to their partners. Without knowing the exact cause, it will be difficult for you to mediate and find a solution to this problem. Therefore, try to speak honestly and openly to parents.

Use gentle intonation when asking your parents about this. Express your grief and confusion all the time they and your partner interact. Then, ask him about what parents expect from you and your partner.

If in this case your partner also has the same annoyance, ask the same thing to the couple. By knowing this from both sides, you can begin to plan the next step to make the parent relationship and the partner more harmonious.

2. Convey positive things to each other

When you know that your parents don't get along well with your partner, don't get upset and turn angry. Instead, you need to melt your parents' heart in a subtle way.

Try starting with talking to each other's kindness when meeting. For example, when you visit a parent, tuck a talk about the goodness of the partner in accordance with the context of the conversation.

For example, when talking about homecoming homeworkers, tuck in the conversation that your partner really helps you at home. Tell parents that you are grateful to marry him because you want to be invited to work together in your homework.

Conversely, you can also slip the chat about the advantages of parents in front of your partner. This method is expected to be able to diminish dislike, both between parents to partners and vice versa.

Even though initially it will not be responded to or considered a fool, do not despair. Believe that your parents' hearts and long-term partners will be softened if you continue to try your best.

3. Spend time separately

Every now and then, you will want to spend time off with parents and partners together. But if the plan continues to fail because parents do not get along with a partner, there is no harm in making a separate schedule. This means that when you spend time with parents, couples do not need to participate, and vice versa.

This is also done so that you can talk more intimate to your parents about your partner without feeling uncomfortable, and vice versa. However, when you go with each party, you still need to smoothly talk about this problem.

Who knows, your speech will be heard by both parties when delivered in good language at the right time. That way, it will be expected that the relationship between your parents and your partner can melt so that there is no more dislike on both sides.

If there is no change even though you have tried these efforts, it's time you need expert help. Ask for advice from a psychologist or marriage counselor to find a solution to the problem you are experiencing.

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