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How to Dispel the Emergence of Mushrooms in the Feet

There are many ways that can be done to support the appearance. One of them is by using sneakers. In addition to looking more relaxed, sneakers are also easy to mix and match with clothes, pants, or skirts. Unfortunately, the hobby of wearing sneakers that are closed every day can make the skin of the feet moist so vulnerable to fungal infections. So, how do you prevent and overcome fungus in your feet even though you often wear sneakers?

What causes foot fungus to appear?

Fungal infections in the legs can occur through direct and indirect contact. Direct transmission is usually because your skin is in direct contact with someone who has foot fungus.

Instead, using personal items from other people who experience foot fungus, such as socks, shoes, and towels, can indirectly spread the fungus. Not only that, too often using sneakers or other closed shoes every day, can make the skin of the feet moist and warm.

This condition is a favorite place for mushrooms to grow and breed. That is why, you may be very susceptible to experiencing itching, dryness, and redness of the skin of the foot due to fungal infections.

Is there a way to prevent foot fungus?

Don't worry, foot fungus infection is actually not an obstacle to keep wearing sneakers every day. With a note, try to always be routine and painstaking to do the following things to prevent fungal growth in the feet:

  • Keep your feet dry and clean. You do this by washing your feet using water and soap every day, or when your feet feel quite damp. Especially if you are among those who are easily sweaty. Don't forget, make sure all parts of the foot are completely dry.
  • Make sure sneakers are still suitable for use. Shoes that are long enough are likely to have a lot of fungi in them.
  • Use sneakers according to the size of your feet. Mushrooms can thrive on your feet if you wear shoes that are too small in size. This is because the legs don't seem to have space to breathe freely.
  • Use antifungal spray on shoes before using.
  • Change socks every day. Using the same socks for a long time runs the risk of accumulating too much dirt and sweat causing mold. Especially if the activities you do easily cause sweat.
  • Use powder on the feet. This method can make your feet drier so as to prevent sweating and excessive moisture.
  • Routinely check changes in the feet. If later something seems wrong, immediately give treatment as soon as possible or see a doctor.

How do you deal with fungal infections in the feet?

The faster the fungal infection in the foot is detected, the sooner the possibility is immediately cured. In addition to taking oral medication that is recommended by a doctor, using topical or antifungal ointments is also highly recommended to speed up the healing process.

You can choose and use an antifungal ointment with ketoconazole in it. How to use it is fairly easy because it is only applied directly to the skin of the foot. Antifungal ointments containing katoconazole can inhibit while reducing fungal growth in the feet which decreases self-confidence and disrupts your daily activities. Antifungal ointments containing ketoconazole also do not leave a burning sensation after being applied to the skin.

So, now you can stay comfortable and no longer need to worry about being attacked by fungus when you wear sneakers

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