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Got a shipment of photos of genitals from an unknown person, what to do?

Sexual harassment can occur at any time, even when you do not meet directly with the culprit. Actors now even dare to act further, for example by sending photos of genitals that cause discomfort. So what should be done if you get a photo of a genitals from an unknown person?

Why do people like to send photos of genitals?

Sending photos of fling to someone else or cyber-flashing does sound like unusual behavior. However, it turns out that there are many people who like to do this to others, even if they don't know each other.

Men and women alike can do cyber-flashing, but men are more often the culprit. There are no studies that specifically explain this phenomenon.

However, there are several assumptions put forward by experts, including:

  • Men are more receptive when strangers send pornographic images and they think that women feel the same way. In fact, women actually feel uncomfortable and scared when sent photos of genitals by unknown people.
  • People, especially men, are more able to show sexual behavior when their identities are unknown. Even men without sexual deviations can even exhibit exhibitionistic behavior, namely feeling sexual satisfaction when other people see their genitals.
  • Naturally, men are more able to show sexual behavior clearly to get the attention of the opposite sex. Negative responses are even considered better than no response at all.
  • When you are sent a photo of genitals by an unknown person, the culprit may have sexual deviation in the form of exhibitionism. Instead of feeling afraid of your negative response, they actually feel more aroused by it.
  • Most men feel insecure and afraid of rejection. Therefore, they send photos of their sex organs anonymously to find out the woman's response before actually engaging in sexual activity.

The right step if you send photos of genitals by unknown people

Whatever the reason, sending sexual content without the consent of the recipient is a form of abuse that cannot be justified.

This behavior can also cause trauma and fear of victims, such as other types of sexual abuse.

When you get a photo of genitals from an unknown person, try to stay calm. Immediately block the player's account if the photo is sent via social media.

In addition, ignore all forms of interaction carried out by the perpetrator.

Report the account, telephone number, or other contact used by the harasser to the authorities if possible. Even though the current law cannot handle your case specifically, at least you have taken the right action.

If you get a photo of your genitals while traveling and know who the culprit is, report it immediately to the authorities and make the photo as proof.

Don't face the offender directly if your security is not guaranteed.

The behavior of cyber-flashing sometimes makes the victim blame himself. However, don't let these emotions eat away at you. Sexual harassment arises from a variety of factors in the offender, not because of your mistakes

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