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Does Sneezing Fail to Make Itchy Nose? 6 This Method Is Worth Trying

Want to sneeze but not so it's not a pleasant thing. Itching in the nose that often interferes eventually makes you feel uncomfortable running the rest of the day. Therefore, here are some ways you can sneeze by yourself.

How to sneeze

This condition of course can make you frustrated, especially when you want to clean the nasal passages or nasal congestion.

Come on, please try the tips below so that regardless of the disorder.

1. Using tissue

In addition to cleaning the fluid that comes out of your nose, tissue can also trigger so you can sneeze.

The method is easy, that is

  • Roll the tissue into a pointed point
  • Insert the sharp side into the nostril and shake it slightly

This method can stimulate the trigeminal nerve which sends a message to your brain to be able to sneeze. Not infrequently when you do this, a tickling sensation engulfs your entire body.

Well, you also have to be careful not to put too much in the end of the tissue into the nostrils so as not to injure the nasal cavity.

2. Face to bright light

One way you can sneeze is to look at very bright light. Actually, this condition is called photic sneezing and is usually passed down by your family.

Although this method is not effective for everyone, of course it doesn't hurt to try to get rid of this nuisance in your nose. Before doing so, you must close your eyes before looking at the light.

This is done so that your eyes are not immediately exposed to light and cause interference to your eyes.

3. Kissing spices

Ranging from black pepper, chilli mill, to coriander is actually effective to make you sneeze. In various types of pepper contains piperine. Well, this compound can later irritate the mucous membrane to cause you to sneeze.

If there is a jar filled with spices that have been crushed or ground at home, you can open and breathe it. In addition, cooking using spices like capsaicin can trigger sneezing.

4. Eating dark chocolate

Its high cocoa content makes dark chocolate an alternative so you can sneeze. This method is usually effective for people who do not have allergies to chocolate.

The use of dark chocolate as a way to sneeze was also included in the category of photic sneezing. Although there is no clearer research on this matter, it doesn't hurt to chew dark chocolate so that the itchiness in the nose disappears.

5. Massaging the base of the nose

Giving a massage at the base of your nose is effective as a way to sneeze. Try to press the base of your nose with a downward motion. Do this until you feel a tingling sensation behind your nose.

Eits, but not too hard to massage. Simply pressing the base of the nose enough and the fluid in your nose can come out smoothly.

6. Massaging the mouth with the tongue

In addition to the base of the nose, you can massage the palate with the tongue. This is considered quite effective because it triggers the trigeminal nerve in the mouth.

You can do this by pressing the tip of the tongue on the upper mouth. Then, you also have to find out which position can trigger you to sneeze.

Ways that you can sneeze can indeed relieve disturbances in your nose that don't sneeze. However, if this continues and causes you to not sneeze, please see a doctor

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