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Do Watch Funny Animal Videos Can Reduce Stress ?

It is undeniable, if stress becomes a part of life. Starting from traffic jams, lack of sleep, facing job interviews, and various other factors can trigger stress. Fortunately, reducing stress can be overcome in various ways, one of which is watching funny animal behavior videos.

Relationship between animals and human mental health

When surfing Instagram or Twitter, you will surely find various types of video uploads. Starting from the video political debate to the funny behavior of pets, especially cats and dogs.

Apparently, most people tend to prefer watching funny animal videos rather than political debates. How come?

Most reason is that videos that smell politically make the mind become cloudy and can trigger stress.

Meanwhile, watching funny animal videos has the opposite effect. So, is it true that watching funny animal videos can reduce stress?

Before reviewing how to watch funny animal videos can reduce stress, you should first understand the relationship between pets and human mental health.

A study published by the American Psychological Association (APA), shows that pets can be a source of social and emotional support for humans.

"In particular, people who have pets are more confident, physically fit, tend to be less lonely, more careful, knowledgeable, not afraid, and tend to be busier than those who don't have pets," explained Allen R. McConnell , PhD, chair of research from Miami University in Ohio.

Based on the study above, the direct interaction between pets can improve the mental health of the owner, especially in dealing with stress and loneliness.

So, is it true watching a funny animal video can overcome stress?

Source: Mondrian Moshable

Not only interaction, seeing the funny behavior of animals from photos and videos also has effects that are not much different in reducing stress.

There have been many studies that have observed this, one of them is a study led by James K. McNulty of Florida State University.

A total of 144 couples who have been married for approximately 5 years, were asked to fill out a survey regarding satisfaction in marriage.

Then, the pair is divided into two groups. One group was directed to see pictures of cute animals three times a week for 6 weeks. One other group is not directed like that.

The results show that couples who regularly see photos of cute animals feel more satisfaction in their relationships, than those who don't.

The researcher concluded that looking at funny animal photos can help someone become more positive. The effect is most likely the same as watching funny animal videos.

The factor that reinforces the theory that watching funny animal videos can reduce stress is the emergence of an urge to always think positively.

Positive thoughts can build a stronger self-defense against stress and anxiety.

Besides that, seeing funny videos from animals can also invite laughter and feeling happy.

This better mood change can certainly help someone to get out of feeling anxious and depressed.

Funny animal videos can also distract someone from various problems and pressures so that they are powerful enough to deal with stress

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