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Already Want To Sneeze But Fail, What Is The Cause?

Before sneezing, you will feel a sensation of tickling on your nose. To relieve it, you will sneeze. However, have you ever felt several times failed to sneeze even though the nose was very itchy? Approximately, what causes someone not to sneeze?

Cause you suddenly don't sneeze

Sneezing is annoying, especially if it occurs repeatedly. This happens because the nerves tell the brain to release something that irritates the nose and throat.

Usually, sneezing is caused by an itchy nose condition. This can be triggered by many things, such as breathing problems, breathing dust, or certain spices. After sneezing, your nose will usually be more relieved.

However, not all itchy noses will end with sneezing. In fact, you might not be sneezing at all.

Approximately, what causes you to fail to sneeze?

1. You pinch your nose

As reported by the MD Web page, Neil Kao, MD, an allergic and asthma specialist, said that one of the things that can make you fail sneezing is pinching your nose.

According to him, trying to breathe through your mouth and pinching the tip of your nose with your hand when you want to sneeze, can stop sneezing.

Intentional actions may reduce nerve activity in charge of sending commands to the brain to sneeze.

Although sometimes successful in stopping sneezing, this action is not recommended by medical experts.

Because, holding the sneeze by holding the nose and closing the mouth can break the back of the throat.

This condition can cause a person unable to talk or swallow, and you will endure extreme pain.

In addition, holding back sneezing in this way can also cause dangerous complications.

Starting from the pneumomediastinum (trapped air in the mediastinum area), perforation of the tympanic membrane (hollow ear drum), and rupture of the brain aneurysm (swelling of blood vessels in the brain).

2. You may experience ENT problems

Aside from being stopped intentionally, not sneezing turned out to be a symptom of an ENT problem (ear, nose and throat). Starting from flu, ear infections, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, and sore throat.

All these conditions can trigger an itchy nose that can make you sneeze or just a runny itchy nose sensation without sneezing.

A safe way to relieve itchy nose and sneezing

Stuck with an itchy nose and failing to sneeze, it will make you disturbed. However, holding back sneezing is also not a good thing. So what should I do?

To be free from the itchy nose and keep sneezing, you can follow the following safe tips.

1. Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water can re-moisturize the condition of a dry nose due to infection. That way, the symptoms of an itchy nose that makes you fail sneezing will subside.

In addition to water, you can make warm tea with a slice of lemon. Warm steam from this drink can help cleanse the sinuses and relieve breathing.

2. Avoid triggers

The cause of a person having an itchy nose and failing to sneeze is an allergy. For this reason, avoiding the trigger can free you from being tormented due to not sneezing.

For example, using a mask when going out or cleaning the house. Don't forget to plug the humidifier so that the air in the room stays moist.

3. Take medication

To relieve symptoms, don't forget to take medication regularly. Make sure you have a supply of medication as advised by your doctor at home.

This makes it easy for you to deal with itchy nose and sneezing due to allergies or allergic rhinitis.

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