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4 Ways to Overcome Dry, Expanding, and Unmanageable Hair

Stiff, unruly and messy hair like a lion's hair is really annoying. Want to be formed with any model or style generally does not always work. Blowing a little wind, even more tangled. Is there a way to tame and deal with unruly hair?

Know first what causes unruly hair

Generally, hair becomes dry, stiff, and messy, it is difficult to manage because of the effects of damage. Damaged hair is often caused by a hair dryer, curling, wrong shampoo, wrong comb, and wrong hair care.

Hair that is often painted or dried using a hair dryer can usually make the cuticles become damaged and dry hair. Because exposure to high temperature continuously will remove moisture from the scalp layer of hair. As a result, the hair becomes dry, wrinkled, and rough.

People who are genetically curly hair also tend to have unruly hair types.

How to deal with developing and unruly hair

1. Cut the hair with the right model

According to Stephen Thevenot, hair will no longer be difficult to manage after being cut with the correct model or style.

First, ask for your stylist or capster to cut the ends or parts of branched and dry hair. After that, don't forget to ask for a blunt haircut. For example, bob hair or cut flat. Avoid shaggy haircuts, layers, or taper below.

Shaggy models or layers can change the layers and texture of hair. As a result the hair becomes weak and thin, making the hair prone to curling.

2. Wash using cold water

Warm baths are more comfortable and make you relax. But unfortunately, bathing or shampooing using warm water can remove moisture from the scalp. This can make the strands more dry and expand.

Try to shower and shampoo always use cold water. Cold water closes the cuticle which can increase luster and keep the moisture of the scalp intact.

3. Use special conditioner and shampoo

If your hair is curly and unruly, Thevenot recommends using a shampoo with sulfate free ingredients. In addition, choose a shampoo that contains ingredients that can moisturize the scalp such as shea butter, coconut oil, avocado, or macadamia oil.

Another tip to deal with dry, rough and unruly hair is to use conditioner. Use the type of conditioner that is rinsed after using shampoo.

You can also occasionally moisturize your hair using leave-on conditioner that doesn't need to be rinsed during activities in hot weather to keep hair smooth. Choose a conditioner that is also sulfate free.

4. Wise when drying hair

Drying your hair using a hair dryer is indeed more efficient and saves time. But if your hair type is dry and unruly, dry it naturally. Either aerated outdoors or use a fan. This can overcome so that the hair is not getting dry and unruly.

Also pay attention to the towel you are using. Generally, the towels available in the store are made of coarse material which is intended to absorb water from the skin of the body. If an ordinary towel is rubbed into the hair, a layer of hair can be more rough because the fiber will remove the cuticle on the hair shaft.

It is recommended to use soft cotton towels to prevent and overcome problems with dry, rough and unruly hair.

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