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4 Causes of Swollen Lips When You Wake Up in the Morning (Plus the Right Way to Deal With It)

Ever been surprised when you look in the mirror because of swollen lips, even though obviously you just woke up? If yes, you are not alone. Waking up with swollen lips can indeed make you worry, especially if before the lips are still in fine condition. Actually, what is the cause of this condition?

Why can lips swell when I wake up?

The most common cause that usually makes lips look enlarged when you wake up in the morning is the buildup of fluid. Some of the fluid that collects so that it builds up on the lip tissue which then makes the lips look as if they are swollen or enlarged.

Before you conclude yourself, you should find out more about this. The following are various causes of swollen lips when just waking up:

1. Allergic reactions

Try to remember again, what foods and drinks did you consume a day or a few days before? Because, allergies to anything related to the body can be a trigger for swollen lips in the morning. Whether it's food, drinks, drugs, or insect stings.

Various types of foods and drinks that usually cause allergies such as eggs, seafood, nuts, milk, and so forth. Or sometimes, allergies can also be caused by the body that is unable to eat foods containing spices.

Includes celery, coriander, parsley, until chili. It's so sensitive, you will usually feel a burning sensation around your mouth and then cause your lips to swell when you wake up. This can happen if you eat these spices the night before.

While some types of medicines are susceptible to causing allergies such as penicillin and other antibiotics. If you really experience swelling of the lips due to allergies, there are various other symptoms that will also appear.

  • Itching and redness of the skin
  • Cough
  • Wheezing or breathing softly

2. Chapped lips

If the swollen lips that you experience in the morning are accompanied by the condition of cracked lips, it may be due to weather. Normally, everyone who spends much of his time in the hot sun is prone to dry lips.

Conscious or not, you are then used to licking your lips to prevent them from getting moist. Even though it's just the opposite. Instead of making it moist, licking your lips too often can make your lips dry and more chapped.

This is because saliva evaporates easily when it is in direct contact with air, which keeps the lips dry. Because it is too dry, cracked and peeling, it is not uncommon for lips to become swollen when they wake up.

In order to prevent it, here is what you can do:

  • Apply moisturizer with petroleum jelly content
  • Use lip products with sunscreen content
  • As much as possible avoid the habit of licking your lips
  • Avoid the habit of peeling dry lips

3. Problems with skin infections

The appearance of problems such as zits around the lips can make the lips swell and swell, which may be even more noticeable when you wake up. In addition, having herpes infection in the area around the mouth also affects the swelling of the lips.

Symptoms of herpes infection can easily appear overnight, even though the virus has been present in the body before.

4. Injury

Sometimes, you may have done something that made your lips hurt. For example, biting or chewing on food is too strong, so that the lips are partially bitten and wounded.

This condition makes the lips injured, so it immediately enlarges and swells in just one night. Swollen lips when you wake up because of an injury can include the appearance of wounds, bruises, or just scratches.

In addition, accustomed to sleeping with a sloping body position can consciously suppress the surface of the lips. This is what later causes swelling of the lips while you sleep.

How do you deal with swollen lips when you wake up?

No need to worry, the case of swollen lips when just waking up lightly can actually disappear by itself. But if you want to speed up healing, applying home remedies and medical treatments can help deal with this swollen lips.

Medical treatment

If the swollen lips that you experience are caused by inflammation, the administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is usually recommended. For example, ibuprofen (Advil) or corticosteroids.

Not only that, these drugs can also help if you have other injury injuries that trigger lip swelling.

Home remedies

As for home remedies, you can use ice cubes wrapped in a towel or cloth. Then use the ice to compress the swollen and inflamed lips.Instead, avoid attaching the ice directly to the skin because of the risk of causing more severe problems.

The use of aloe gel can also help restore swollen lips when you wake up, especially if this condition is caused by exposure to sunlight.

To restore the moisture of swollen lips with cracks, you can use a lip balm with a soft texture.

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