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Why does the stomach feel heartburn after eating spicy?

For those of you fans of chili, you may occasionally experience abdominal pain or feel heartburn after eating spicy foods. In fact, you feel that it is everyday food and is normal. So, what causes a person to get a stomach ache after eating spicy food?

What causes stomach pain after eating spicy?

The sensation of heartburn or abdominal pain after a spicy meal usually arises because you eat too much chili. As a result, your digestion becomes disturbed.

The compounds contained in spicy foods are the cause of your heartburn or stomach pain.

Capsaicin is an active chemical compound that gives a hot taste to chili. Each type of chili has a different amount of capsaicin.

The more number of capsaicin in chili is used, the higher the level of spiciness of a food.

When in contact with the tongue, the wall of the esophagus, or the wall of the stomach, the capsaicin molecule will bind to nerve receptors that capture pain signals.

This signal is then forwarded to the brain, then interpreted as pain and burning sensation.

When this compound reaches the stomach, the stomach responds to the presence of capsaicin by producing mucus which protects it from irritation.

However, if too much or frequent exposure to capsaicin, the effectiveness of the mucus will also decrease. As a result, this mechanism is no longer effective in preventing irritation of the stomach wall. As a result, you feel heartburn.

There is no need in large quantities, a small amount of capsaicin exposure can also trigger this condition in people who already have digestive problems.

In addition to stomach pain, this condition can also occur after eating spicy

Certain compounds in spicy foods can indeed cause heartburn. However, this condition can also indicate a problem with the digestive system. What's more if heartburn appears with other symptoms.

Stomach pain after eating spicy foods can also indicate that you are exposed to the following conditions:

1. Diarrhea

After passing through the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients, food waste will move towards the large intestine. The large intestine then absorbs water from food waste so that solid stools are formed.

Capsaicin speeds up the process. As a result, the large intestine does not absorb water optimally.

As a result, stool has a liquid texture and makes you become diarrhea.

2. Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)

The feeling of heartburn or stomach pain after eating spicy can also be felt if you have digestive problems, such as gastritis.

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach wall which can be caused by various factors.

The causes of gastritis can come from bacterial infections, excessive alcohol consumption, or the use of anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin for a long time.

Spicy food does not directly cause gastritis, but capsaicin can aggravate the symptoms of this disease.

Beware if the heartburn after eating spicy accompanied by other symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, stomach feels full, or out of blood when defecating.

3. Gastric ulcer

Gastric ulcer is characterized by a wound in the stomach wall due to prolonged irritation.

Like gastritis, this disease can also be caused by bacterial infections and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs for a long time.

Gastric ulcer is characterized by bloating, burning sensation in the stomach, heartburn, and nausea.

However, you may mistakenly recognize this symptom as a normal heartburn after eating spicy so that it is not treated immediately.

Stomach pain after eating spicy is indeed a natural thing. This condition occurs because the digestive system interacts with large amounts of capsaicin.

However, if you eat only a little spicy food, or even none at all, but your stomach still hurts after eating, you should be vigilant.

It could be, it is another health sign. Try to consult a doctor so you can find out the causes.

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