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Suddenly Doubt With Your Partner When Approaching Marriage? Here's how to fix it

Feeling nervous and anxious before a wedding is a natural thing. However, it turns out that having doubts just before marriage is an actual condition that must be questioned. Is it natural if a sense of doubt arises before marriage? How to deal with it?

Is it true if you are unsure of your partner before marriage?

Actually, doubts that occur before a marriage is a common but unnatural thing. The feeling turned out to have an impact on your marriage going forward if left unchecked.

A UCLA study involving 464 couples revealed that those who had doubts about marrying their partners were more likely to divorce after 4 years than those who did not. This is because they live in the shadow of their feelings of uncertainty towards their partners, so that their marriage becomes unhappy.

For some people, it will be difficult to acknowledge feelings of doubt about their partner, especially just before marriage. He has spent a lot of time choosing to ignore these doubts.

However, doubts before marriage is not a sign that you must cancel the marriage. All you have to do is find out the root of the problem before making such a big decision.

How do you deal with doubts before marriage?

First of all, you must not deny. Denial will keep everything hidden and can lead to an unhappy married life. In addition, these feelings will not just disappear once you are committed to each other, so it is very important to acknowledge doubts about your partner.

1. Express your doubts

One of the foundations of a strong relationship is communication and openness. If you are not open with your partner, how can he know that you are having a problem.

Tell him about doubts before marriage. It may be difficult because it doesn't know how your partner reacts, but it's better than storing it yourself.

This method is indeed risky because your partner may be offended, but it doesn't hurt to try to find a way out together. Isn't your partner a person you trust to spend until the end of your life?

2. Underwent therapy

If you and your partner or yourself ultimately choose to tell the experts, it doesn't matter. Therapy can help you to reformulate your thoughts about these doubts, from the background to the completion.

In addition, competent therapists can certainly help you find ways to overcome anxiety and mark what you can't say when talking to your partner.

In addition, this process also helps you keep away from negative views on your future by seeing how your relationship with your partner is formed.

3. Go on vacation for a moment

Try to clear your mind by ordering tickets out of town and stay away from all matters related to weddings. This allows you to find what you will miss from your partner and find the root of this problem.

In addition, on vacation alone is also effective to enjoy your solitude before marriage and overcome feelings of hesitation to marry a partner.

4. Delaying marriage

Delaying does not mean canceling. If doubts before marriage continue to haunt and your partner does not support you at all, consider again whether you are ready to get married. If not, tell your family and friends about your problem to get their support.

If you still cannot find the root of the problem from this doubt, one way is to delay marriage. This can be done until you can recall why you chose your partner as a mate, so you are more confident and determined to marry her.

Marriage is a sacred bond which is certainly not to be played. Therefore, doubts before marriage are often tarnished. However, if handled well, the opportunity to have a happy home life is very large without overshadowing the lack of confidence in the couple.

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