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Drinking Warm Water vs Cold Water: Which Is Healthier?

Water gives us life, and we all know how good it is to drink water to relieve thirst. However, what kind of water with the best temperature for health? Ancient medical systems such as Ayurveda originating from India more than 3.00 years ago and traditional Chinese medicine highlight the importance of water temperature and its effects on the body. So, in other words, both have benefits, although this depends on certain conditions. Then, let's look at the various benefits below!

The benefits of drinking warm water

1. Helps smooth digestion

According to Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine, you should drink a glass of warm water in the morning. This is because warm water can activate your digestive system, which can certainly help you to avoid digestive disorders. In addition, drinking warm water can also stimulate blood flow to the intestines and can help prevent constipation.

2. Dispose of toxins from the body

One of the benefits of drinking warm water is detoxification. Water helps get rid of all impure substances in the body. In addition, doctors also recommend adding a little fresh lemon juice to warm water for better detoxification results. Lemon will stimulate digestion and get rid of toxins, while warm water does not require too much energy to assimilate. In addition, you can add other ingredients for cleansing poisons, such as honey, fresh mint, cucumber slices, cinnamon, or apple slices to keep your body hydrated and free of toxins.

3. Inhibits aging

Inhibiting aging is a tremendous benefit that warm water has. As already explained, warm water will release toxins from the body, especially poisons that can cause premature aging. Basically, it can also improve skin cells and increase skin elasticity.

4. Relieves nasal congestion

Not many people realize that warm water is very good for people who suffer from nasal congestion and coughing up phlegm. This is caused by warm water which can act as a natural expectorant to help dilate phlegm from the respiratory tract.

5. Blood circulation

In addition to detox, the next benefit of warm water is to increase blood circulation. Drinking warm water can also eliminate fat deposits in the nervous system.

6. Fight pain

Because warm water can increase blood flow to body tissues, warm water can act very well as a natural aid to pain. Therefore, if you often experience joint pain or cramps during menstruation, you are strongly advised to drink warm water.

Benefits of drinking cold water

1. Hydrate the body after exercise

This is a fact that needs to be known, that as long as we exercise, body temperature will increase. To reduce body temperature after exercise, you are highly recommended to drink cold water. Cold water will help your body to reduce the body's core temperature. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sport Nutrition found that participants who consumed cold water were able to maintain their body's core temperature as much as 50% compared to the group who drank water at room temperature.

2. Reducing fever

Drinking cold water when you have a fever is one way to reduce body temperature. It is very important to keep your body fully hydrated during a fever, because your body is working hard to fight all the factors that cause fever. When you are hot, drinking cold water can be a good help. You can also add some fresh lemon juice and salt to help you fill in the lost electrolytes.

3. Lose weight

Drinking cold water has been proven to increase metabolism and burn up to 70 calories per day. When someone who weighs 70 kg can burn 70 calories by walking for 15 minutes, then drinking cold water starts to sound like a very effective way to lose weight.

4. Fight heat stroke

Dr. Neha Sanwalka, a dietitian and nutritionist, says that drinking cold water during hot weather will be absorbed faster than warm water. When you return home from very hot weather or when you experience heat stroke, you must drink cold water.

Which is better for health?

Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda do not recommend drinking cold water, because cold water can cause muscle contractions. On the other hand, drinking warm water can improve blood circulation while protecting internal organs from damage. This is why most health experts recommend drinking warm water. However, on a hot day, you can drink cold water to reduce body temperature.

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