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Can It Really Get Infected Colds Cough from Eating and Drinking Together?

You may have been warned so far by parents not to share food or take turns drinking one glass if they are coughing a cold. "Your friend or sister will get infected later," he said. Is there a medical explanation behind this hereditary advice?

Don't share food and drinks when coughing a cold

It's always better to obey what parents say.

Cold cough is usually caused by a viral infection that attacks the respiratory tract. Well, the virus is very easy to spread from one person to another by riding in saliva which is splattered from the mouth of a person who is sick when they cough and sneeze do not close their mouth, throw snot carelessly, or even just talk.

Saliva droplets containing this virus can be inhaled by healthy people around them. So, anyone can get infected if they are close to someone who is coughing cold. Especially if your immune system is weak at that time.

In addition to through air intermediaries, the spread of cough cold viruses can also occur through physical contact. For example, touching the tissue of the former person throws phlegm or snot. Also included when using cutlery alternately like glasses, plates, and spoons with people who are sick. Thus said Robert W. Dolan, Lahey Clinic ENT specialist in Burlington, United States, reported from Everydah Health page.

Dolan, and many doctors and other health practitioners, encourage people not to share cups, cups, plates, cutlery, straws, and other food utensils with others. Even though it's your own family. This aims to limit the risk of transmitting the disease to people around.

A powerful way to avoid catching cold cough

In order not to get infected with a cold cough, here are some simple things you can do:

1. Limit direct contact with people who are sick

Wear a mask covering your mouth when you want to interact with someone who is sick. If necessary, you limit the direct interaction temporarily. You can ask the sick person to rest first until the condition recovers

2. Routine hand washing

If you are required to treat people who are flu, you should be diligent in washing your hands. But the method is of course you can't just wash using water. You need to know how to wash your hands properly.

Make sure you rub your hands with soap for 20 seconds. Rub between the nails and knuckles and rinse thoroughly with running water. Finally, dry with a clean cloth.

If you don't have time to wash your hands or don't have a source of clean water, you can use a hand sanitizer. Always prepare this light cleaner in your bag wherever you go.

3. Pay attention to food intake

In order to avoid various types of diseases, it is important to pay attention to the intake of food you consume everyday. Eating a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet can help the body improve the immune system to fight the flu virus.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water to meet your body's fluid needs so it doesn't dehydrate

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