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7 Important Facts About Cleansing Your Face So Your Skin Is No Problem

Cleansing the face in the right way is the first step to keep the skin healthy and trouble free. Unfortunately, there are still many people who don't know how and how. If you are one of them, consider the following review.

How to clean the correct face

Facial cleansing is a series of processes that look easy but quite a lot of mistakes. Many people think that washing your face with water alone is enough to remove dirt even though the fact is not. For clean and protected skin problems, here are important facts about how to clean your face properly:

1. Knowing the type of skin

The first important thing to know before cleaning your face is the skin type. By knowing the type of skin, you can determine the appropriate facial cleanser.

This is because in the market there are so many types of facial cleansers that are sold according to one's skin condition. Without the right product, facial skin can still be problematic even though the method of cleaning is correct.

Finding the right product for your skin type not only makes your face clean but also well-nourished.

2. Wash your face twice a day

Be sure to wash your face twice a day, which is the morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed. Don't miss it so that your face is kept clean and healthy.

Although it looks clean, in the morning facial skin is usually covered by oil produced during sleep. While at night, you must clean your face from the rest of your makeup and dirt after a day of activities.

However, don't wash your face too often because your facial skin can dry out. In addition, the skin can also be irritated due to the ingredients in the soap.

3. Use cleansing soap

Washing your face with water alone is not enough to lift dirt and makeup. Especially if you have oily facial skin. For that, you should use a cleansing soap that matches the condition of your face.

Before rubbing it on your face, let the soap in your hand first. Then, massage slowly into all parts of the face. Cleansing the face in this way helps the active ingredients in the soap to absorb maximally into the skin.

In people who do not use make up and most of their activities are outdoors, just cleaning their face with water and soap is enough.

4. Do double cleansing

In people who use thick makeup every day, double or triple cleansing is mandatory.

The reason is, there are some make-up that have strong ionic bonds and sometimes cannot be removed with soap alone. Therefore, several other steps are needed before cleaning with soap.

Gradually cleaning your face has its own way and sequence. The following is the correct sequence and method:

Clean the face with a milk cleanser or cleansing oil so that the makeup and dirt are lifted perfectly
Wash your face with soap that suits your skin type while gently massaging it
Use toner and astringent to help shrink pores and inhibit excess oil production
If you are at home all day and don't use makeup, you don't need to do double cleansing.

5. No need to silence the soap until it seeps

Many people think that the longer the soap is left on the skin when washing your face, the more useful it will feel. But actually in general, cleaning your face in this way does not have any effect.

This is because in principle soap can directly bind dirt on the face shortly after foaming. However, in some products it does not rule out the possibility that its use must be left first. For that, read the instructions for use before using it.

6. Wash face with plain water

Do you often hear that cleaning your face with warm water is better? Warm water can indeed open facial pores wider. This makes the ingredients in the cleaning products used can soak deeper.

However, in people with sensitive skin this increases the risk of irritation. Therefore, there is actually no difference between washing your face with warm or cold water when using soap. The most important thing is to use clean water to rinse your face.

7. Immediately clean your face after doing outdoor activities

Do not delay the time to clean your face after outdoor activities. Allowing make up and dirt too long to stick to the skin of the face can trigger acne.

You may just immediately clean your face when you are in a sweat after being hot. Take it easy, this will not trigger acne or other skin problems.

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