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6 Causes of Itchy Ears That Often Escape Attention

When your ears are itchy, you may reflexively scratch or scratch your ears in public to quickly relieve the itching. In addition to making shame, scraping the ears is also dangerous because it can damage the inside of the ear which has many nerves. Everyone must have felt ear itching, but maybe the cause is different. The following are various causes of itchy ears.

Various causes of itchy ears

1. Dirty ears

Your ears may itch because they are rarely cleaned. However, cleaning your ears is also not allowed to be careless. Do not use a cotton bud to extract earwax, let alone use hand nails.

Use ear drops containing hydrogen peroxide or sodium bicarbonate which can be purchased at a pharmacy to clean the ears. You can also drop a little baby oil or olive oil into your ears, and wait 5 minutes. This method can soften and then shed earwax.

If the itching is very annoying, go to the doctor to clean your ears.

2. Infection

Itchy and swollen ears can also be caused by an external ear infection (otitis externa). Otitis externa is usually the most vulnerable after you swim. Pond water that enters and is trapped in the ear can make the condition in the ear moist, ideal for growth of germs and bacteria.

3. Dry ears

The opposite of cause number 1. When the ear is not enough to produce cerumen fluid (which is often called earwax), the ear can also be itchy.

Earwax helps keep the environment in the ear moist. When the ears do not produce enough serum, the conditions inside will be very dry and can even peel off. This is what causes your ears to itch.

4. Effects of hearing aids

Hearing aids can cause water to be trapped in the ear. The condition of the moist inner ear invites bacteria and viruses to multiply so that the ear is easily itchy. In addition, hearing aids that do not fit can put pressure on certain areas of the ear that can cause itching.

5. Ear canal dermatitis

Ear canal dermatitis occurs when the skin in and around the ear canal is inflamed. Usually, this condition results from an allergic reaction to a product that affects the inside or outside of the ear. For example, shampoo, conditioner, or metal jewelry such as earrings.

6. Psoriasis

Psoriasis causes the skin to experience a red rash with raised silver patches. This condition can attack the ear to make it feel itchy.

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