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Fine Fur Grows in the Stomach During Pregnancy, Is It Normal?

One of the changes in the body during pregnancy which is considered strange is the growth of fur in the mother's stomach. Some say that a hairy stomach during pregnancy will make their children also hairy. There are also those who believe that changes in this body will be harmful to the health of the mother. However, what actually causes the mother's stomach to become hairy while pregnant? Is this normal?

Causes of hairy stomach during pregnancy

Fine hairs that suddenly appear on the stomach might make you panic. Generally, this is normal. Yes, a hairy stomach during pregnancy is actually caused by changes in body hormones.

When pregnant, hormone levels are not stable because they adjust the changes that occur. Well, estrogen is one of the hormones that increases during pregnancy which has an effect on hair growth in the body, including fine hair on the skin.

When the levels are high, fine hairs will appear on parts of the body that were previously hairless. In fact, not only the stomach, in some cases pregnant women claim that fur also grows in the area of ​​the arms, neck, shoulders, shoulders and upper back.

So, the conclusion is that a hairy stomach during pregnancy is very normal. This does not only happen to pregnant women, but it can also be women who have no two bodies, whether it's because of the hormone estrogen or other factors.

He said, a hairy stomach during pregnancy contains a baby boy

Most people believe that fine hair that grows around the abdomen during pregnancy means that they will have a son. Even so, there is no research that proves this. Normally, fine hairs that grow around your stomach are caused by hormones that help the growth of the fetus.

If you want to know the sex of your fetus, it's better to do an ultrasound procedure to get certainty, rather than guessing through the hair that grows in the stomach.

Can you remove fine hair on the stomach while pregnant?

Actually, a hairy stomach during pregnancy will disappear by itself. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, this condition will begin to disappear six months after giving birth. So, don't worry about having a belly covered with fine hairs.

If you want to shave it, you should do it as recommended to shave during pregnancy. Stomach is one of the most sensitive parts, especially when you are in a two body.

Therefore, it is recommended to wait after the birth process, so there are no unwanted things during pregnancy.

You better avoid using hair loss creams. This is done to prevent skin infections and things that can affect the fetus in the stomach.

Consult a doctor

Hairy stomach while pregnant is not something you should worry about. However, in some cases, this condition can be a sign that you have hyperandrogen.

Hyperandrogen is a condition when the hormone produces androgen excess. One effect is the growth of feathers in certain areas, such as in the stomach.

Well, this hormone is often associated with male sex hormones, such as testosterone. This situation can cause several things, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Acne
  • Irregular menstruation before pregnancy
  • The clitoris is enlarged
  • Heavy voice like men
  • Muscle mass and weight increase

Although this condition is very rarely found in pregnant women, it never hurts to consult with your obstetrician. This is because androgens can affect your fetus.

For example, for baby girls they have the risk of having characteristics like men. Ask your doctor so that they can get hormone levels and recommend treatment if you have to deal with a hairy stomach while pregnant.

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