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5 Wise Ways to Face a Jealous Girlfriend

Jealousy is very reasonable. However, jealous blindness is also not good because it is prone to conflict. You also must be uncomfortable and tired for a long time and continue to serve a jealous girlfriend. Especially if things envy are groundless, or maybe you don't even do them. What should I do then?

Smart tips on facing jealous girlfriends

Calm down, don't get provoked immediately because your boyfriend is always jealous. The following are various things that can be done to deal with it.

1. Ask the reason for jealousy

The first thing to do when a boyfriend feels jealous is not to turn around grumbling, but ask what the reason is.

However, try to stay calm. Ask why are jealous couples with gentle intonation. Then, listen carefully to what the couple says without denying it.

In essence, you need to know in advance the main reason the couple is jealous of you. Only after that, find the most appropriate solution on the agreement of the two. Because to know how to solve the problem, you certainly need to know the root of the problem first.

2. Don't deny and be defensive

Many people actually consider that their partner's jealousy is not his fault. Although it may not be your fault, but don't underestimate or even deny it in a crude way.

Don't just say "Why are you, just relax, how come it's just jealous?" Instead you need to calm her down by saying "Sorry if you are jealous, but what you suspect is absolutely not true, really."

When feelings of jealousy and fear are calmed down, his jealousy will subside. Conversely, if you only deny without giving a calming sentence, your partner's sense of insecure will continue.

This will actually make your boyfriend continue to be jealous of you. Remember, denying and avoiding this conversation will make the problem bigger and longer.

3. Self-inspection

Before blaming your partner for excessive jealousy, try introspecting yourself. It could be your attitude as long as this is what keeps couples jealous.

Now try to take the time to think. Approximately is your attitude triggering accidental jealousy.

If confused, you can also ask the couple directly about which attitude is the trigger. That way, you know what boundaries and attitudes need to be changed so that your boyfriend is no longer jealous.

4. Set limits

Leslie Becker-Phelps, a psychologist from the United States, said that each couple is obliged to know some quite crucial things, namely:

What your partner likes and doesn't like
What makes couples comfortable and what they fear
How couples want to be treated in certain situations
This important information is enough to make you understand how to behave. From this information, you can also clarify what you can and cannot do.

If a jealous boyfriend keeps trying to ask what he wants. Choose positive and soothing sentences like "I understand you are jealous, if so what can I do so that no more makes me jealous?"

5. Give more attention

To relieve jealousy, you must give your partner more attention. Reassure your partner that you really care about him. Make your partner feel safe even though you are away from him.

Show the couple that you intend to improve this condition. When he feels safe, his jealousy will gradually subside.

Even though it's not easy, these various methods can help maintain a lasting and lasting relationship. You can also practice these methods not only for boyfriends, but for jealous husbands or wives.

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