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5 Mistakes in Diabetes Treatment You Should Avoid

Diabetes treatment consists of a long process that requires time and effort. Unfortunately, there are still some people with diabetes who are mistaken when taking drugs from a doctor. In fact, these errors can cause the treatment of diabetes is not optimal and the patient's body condition does not improve.

Errors in the treatment of diabetes should be avoided

Here are the common mistakes you should avoid while undergoing diabetes treatment:

1. Forgot or did not have time to take medication

Diabetics often forget or don't have time to take the medicine on time. When undergoing a routine check with your doctor, consult this with your doctor.

Ask if you should immediately take the forgotten dose of the drug or continue the next dose.

You can prevent this error from happening again by setting an alarm on the cellphone. In addition, you can use certain activities as a reminder to take medication.

For example, by placing your medicine place at the dinner table at breakfast or next to a toothbrush when you want to brush your teeth before going to bed at night.

2. Increase the dosage of medication consumed

Medications for diabetes can indeed control blood sugar levels. However, that does not mean you can add a dose as you like to suppress the rise in blood sugar because you just eat a high-sugar food.

This is one of the mistakes often made by people with diabetes while undergoing diabetes treatment.

Adding the drug dose carelessly will cause a drastic decrease in blood sugar levels. As a result, you can actually experience side effects from the treatment of diabetes.

Always obey the dosage recommended by your doctor.

3. Stop taking medication without the doctor's consent

Diabetes treatment can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other effects that make you feel uncomfortable. However, these side effects are not a reason to stop taking medication.

Stopping taking medication without consulting a doctor first is also one of the mistakes that is often made when undergoing diabetes treatment.

In fact, this action can worsen your health condition. If these side effects are quite disturbing, you should consult a doctor to get alternative medicines.

4. Do not check blood sugar regularly

In addition to medication, regular blood sugar checks are also equally important for diabetics. Because the blood sugar levels of diabetics can rise and fall dramatically.

Uncontrolled changes in blood sugar levels can endanger life.

During regular visits, consult your doctor about the right way to monitor blood sugar. Also ask how many times you have to check blood sugar in one day.

If your blood sugar rises or falls dramatically, contact your doctor before taking any medication. Remember, don't add the dose without consulting first.

5. Take the wrong medicine

Treatment of diabetes is often accompanied by treatment for other diseases. As a result, diabetics are mistaken when taking the medicine.

You may take medication intended for other diseases and instead skip a dose of diabetes medication at a certain time.

To prevent this, you can use a special drug storage or pill organizer. This drug storage area consists of several boxes with different date, day, and even hours so you will not be mistaken again when taking medication.

Mistakes made by diabetics, even small ones, during treatment can cause side effects.

Not only that, the effectiveness of drugs can also go down, even endanger lives. This is why you need to actively explore information about the treatment you are taking.

Diabetics generally need to consume a lot of drugs so they often get confused when taking drugs.

So, don't hesitate to ask questions about your treatment to the doctor. If necessary, record the things you need to do and avoid during treatment.

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